Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week In Review - March 3, 2012

Twitter and Facebook exploded with hate-filled posts about conservative online instigator Andrew Breitbart, who died unexpectedly this week at age 43. The outpouring of meanness led me to ask what respect we owe the dead, particularly when the deceased was often disrespectful to others. Speaking of contemptible behavior, Rush Limbaugh called a Georgetown law student a "slut" because of her views on contraception. I took a wild guess at Limbaugh's preferred birth control methodwhich I postulated likely involves snack food.

The American Family Association project called One Million Moms (which is really more like 45,000 Facebook “likes”) turned its aim on retailer Toys-R-Us. The Moms threatened to boycott the toy chain for carrying a new Archie comic book that features a same sex wedding, and I implored the toy retailer to fight intolerance and stand up to the Moms.

The 84th Academy Awards were held last Sunday, and our online Oscar contest and live-Tweeting were fun and successful. Here are some contest fun facts and a little info about the top performers among our sixty participants. In light of Billy Crystal's lackluster emcee performance, I suggested Seth Rogen and a few other entertainers who would be more engaging hosts for next year’s ceremony.

We featured an all-purpose jazz track from John Coltrane this week, and in the world of just plain silliness, we shared a hilarious video of Tyler Oakley, an online celeb, eating a tablespoon of cinnamon. You'll laugh, he'll cry. 

The Way Things Turn hit a new milestone this week, hitting the 20,000 page view mark. As always, I appreciate the support, and I thank you so much for reading! 

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