Saturday, March 3, 2012

Thanks Al Gore, The Internet Really Does Kick Ass

Back in the 1960s when Al Gore first invented the internet, he said this new technology would change the way we live. Al Gore was right. There must be 15 or 20 different things you can do online. It's crazy. And they add something new every week or two. Best of all, as we have grown as a society and as a people, so has the internet.

First, we sent emails. Next, we Googled. Then there was Facebook.

And pictures of kittens in laundry baskets.

Soon after, we had planking.

And meme after First World Problems.

Now, we have the Cinnamon Challenge. Watch the video (wait for the cloud).

Oh yeah, and now we have blogs.

Okay, I confess. That video makes me laugh out loud every time, and it's the only real reason for this entire blog post. Hat tip to popular "online personality" Tyler Oakley for the weeks of entertainment he has given me, and for his absolute wussy-ness in eating a tablespoon of cinnamon.

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