Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Oscar Contest Winner Is...

Congratulations to Raquel Matta who won our Online Oscar Pickin' Contest.

We had three other "finalists" who finished in a tie for second place - Bei Li, Karla Schmidt, and Tony Meredith.

I'll be sending Raquel's $50 Gift Card out this week, but thanks to all who played.

Here are some fun contest facts.

  • 59 people participated.
  • 17 people (amazingly) tied for first with 7 of 8 correct picks.
  • 4 finalists emerged after the tiebreaker was applied (their end-time guesses were each off by one minute).
  • Having exhausted our official tiebreaker, we resorted to a coin toss flip-off to determine the final winner.

We definitely know our stuff - our group's "majority pick" was correct in every category except Best Actress (who would guess that Meryl Streep would be the dark horse candidate to fool us all).

Critics felt the awards show itself was a bit lackluster this year, with no performances of Original Song nominees, few surprises among the winners, and a dearth of overly-memorable acceptance speeches, Octavia Spencer notwithstanding. Most of us also wouldn't mind if this were Billy Crystal's last year hosting (and I bet it is).

Having said all that, I had tons of fun Live-Tweeting and Facebook-ing about the Awards show and providing online updates about our contest. The creativity and humor of the online community constantly amazes and entertains me. I can't wait for the next opportunity to host a contest or online event.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! We hope you had as much fun cheering for your picks and watching the Oscar show as we did!

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