Monday, February 27, 2012

Turn of Phrase - Seth Rogen as Oscar Host

"I was committed to watching all of your movies. That’s one of the things you have to do when you host. I made it through the first five minutes of every single one of them. Some of them start pretty slow. I will tell you that right now."

- From Seth Rogen during his recent stint as host of the Independent Spirit Awards, an awards show that is traditionally held in a beachfront tent in Santa Monica, CA on the Saturday before each year's Academy Award ceremony.

Maybe the Academy should consider inviting someone like Rogen to host next year's ceremony. The 2011 Oscar show was a forced low-energy affair from start to finish (Cirque du Soleil notwithstanding), in large part due to the staid and unoriginal performance of Billy Crystal as host. In his defense, Crystal was inserted as a safe "last-minute" substitute, after original plans to have Eddie Murphy emcee the show fell through (which honestly, only leads me to imagine how much worse it could have been). Nonetheless, Crystal added an air of nostalgia to the broadcast when what it needed was an element of comedic creativity and an infusion of energy.

The Academy is nothing if not cautious (boring? traditional? staid?), and with a broadcast that is essentially the same year after year, they must endeavor to find a host who genuinely freshens things up.

Moviefone put out their wishlist of potential hosts, including Rogen. Let's just hope that next year we can let the awards themselves deliver the tradition while the host is someone a little edgier and more interesting like Rogen, or Maya Rudolph, maybe?

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