Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week In Review - February 11, 2012

With each subsequent primary, the road to the Republican Party’s presidential nomination looks more like a barely trampled grassy path fading into nowhere. Right-wingers look about as confused as a Susan G. Komen executive trying to defend her decision-making skills, while left-wingers fill their arsenal with impressive weapons - like President Obama’s new toy, the extreme marshmallow cannon.

In last Sunday’s Super Bowl the Giants edged past the Patriots on the football field, and NBC’s promo for “The Voice” bested all others on the advertising gridiron. Following the game, Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bundchen won the award for MVP – most vocal partner – as she stood by her man while throwing his teammates under the bus.

We waxed philosophic about the inter-webs twice last week. First, a video for the Amish Project challenged us to consider what our world would be like if we threw away our smart phones and completely abandoned “the cloud.” Later, we expounded on how social networking enables the kind of online activism that is beginning to impact how things work in our offline world.

We ended the week with a reminder about our first-ever Online Oscar Pickin’ Contest, and with a musical moment of Zen – courtesy of Miles Davis.

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