Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week In Review - January 21, 2012

Despite his classic Republican bloodlust and passion for administering "tough justice," Texas Governor Rick Perry failed to garner enough support to maintain his presidential campaign. Pundits, bloggers, and comedians are bitterly sad and bereft of material, as the remaining candidates, most of whom actually speak in complete sentences, lack the clown appeal of those who have dropped from the race already. Newt Gingrich is doing his best to fill the content void by throwing increasingly indignant tantrums whenever the "media elite" ask questions about his numerous mistresses and wives.

Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert, a recent entry into the Republican primary race, kept politics fun this week, appearing on Morning Joe and comparing Ron Paul to Rumplestiltskin. President Obama, not to be outdone as a politician or an entertainer, sang an Al Green song during a Live at the Apollo fundraising event.

Daniel Radcliffe, one of Hollywood's more recent stars, took on his most challenging role - portraying Casey Anthony's dog on SNL, while Betty White, one of entertainment's oldest stars, celebrated her funniest moments and her 90th birthday. Legendary blues singer Etta James left us this week, but we have a wealth of amazing songs to remember her by.

Lastly, after a few weeks in Florida helping my father recover from open heart surgery, I returned to California on Thursday. During my travels, I found myself sitting alone in a Houston airport bar, reflecting on middle-age and waxing sentimental about what "going home" really means to me.

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