Friday, January 20, 2012

Turn Up the Sound: RIP Ms. Etta James

Sad news about legendary blues songstress Etta James, who died in Riverside, California this morning from complications arising from leukemia. Ms. James was 73.

Sultry, smoky...Etta. Her velvet voice joined thousands of couples in the bonds of holy matrimony, and rightly so. We all get lonely from time to time, and Ms. James' rendition of "At Last" perfectly captures the consummate sense of joy and relief we feel when our desperate thirst for love is finally quenched.

As the story of her death is covered by media outlets everywhere, I'm certain we'll hear countless renditions of "At Last," so I thought I would offer something a little different in tribute. Rest in peace, Etta.

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  1. Will and I danced to At Last at our wedding reception. It is "our" song. So sad that cancer takes another life too soon.