Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week In Review - February 25, 2012

After an Indiana state lawmaker accused the Girl Scouts of being a radical left-wing conspiracy group, I found ten indisputable signs online that the Girl Scouts do in fact love both gays and abortion. ESPN, another pop culture juggernaut, also came under fire this week as they published a racially charged headline about Asian NBA player Jeremy Lin. I argued that their handling of the resulting PR nightmare was perfection, although a few readers pointed out that their expertise comes from having made this type of mistake before.  

The Way Things Turn joined in on all the Oscar celebration this week with an awesome Best Picture video mashup, an analysis of the incredibly weak pool of original movie songs in the 2000s, and the launch of the long-awaited Oscar-Pickin' Contest. If you're reading this before 4:30PM (Pacific)/7:30PM (Eastern) on Sunday 2/26, you can still enter the contest here. It's free, and you might win a $50 Gift Card to the movies!

Maya Rudolph cracked us up this week on SNL, joining Amy Poehler (and another surprise guest) for a hilarious reprisal of their Bronx Beat skit. Not nearly as funny, but almost as entertaining - we showed a video of a guy getting dressed in his new spray-on t-shirt.

Lastly, we remembered Kurt Cobain on what would have been his 45th birthday. His disturbing handwritten suicide note was a creepy reminder of his death, but we also recalled his sage advice on the value of being true to ourselves. 

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