Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SNL's Bronx Beat Skit with Maya Rudolph

Saturday Night Live always manages to break out their very best material whenever they have a former cast member at the helm, and this past week's show, with Maya Rudolph as guest host, is a terrific case-in-point.

Rudolph was perfect in her dry and stuffy portrayal of Maya Angelou hosting her own Punk'd-style prank show, and she was equally hilarious as pop star and new mother Beyonce', introducing newborn Blue Ivy to a bizarre cast of fellow pop stars. You can see both of those clips here, if you like.

The reprisal of the "Bronx Beat" segment managed to best all other skits. With Rudolph's sister SNL alum Amy Poehler and another very special guest, "Bronx Beat" was the hands down high point of the show. Enjoy!


  1. My friends and I were talking about how hilarious the Bronx Beat was. We thought this skit was one of the best that we’ve seen along with the Super Showcase. Maya Rudolph has always had a knack for making me laugh with whatever she does. We watched it while we were on lunch at DISH where we work. I would say that if you haven’t already seen it, to watch it. We saw it on DISH Online since it was free. I think Lindsay Lohan is supposed to be hosting the next show. I hope it is good!

  2. Thanks for the comment. Maya was amazing! I think she should host the Oscars next year.