Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week In Review - May 5, 2012

American poet Walt Whitman celebrated our individual and collective vastness. "I am large -- I contain multitudes," he wrote. It's within that spirit of infinite variety that I attempt to produce The Way Things Turn, and this week, I feel like we covering damn near everything.

Serious. We entered the next phase of the sorry demise of former Democratic hopeful John Edwards, and we saw a gay Romney spokesman forced from his job for all the wrong reasons.

Offensive. A candidate for president disrespectfully called out a former president, so I called bullshit on Mitt Romney's unfair slap at Jimmy Carter.

Important. The street funeral of a Syrian graffiti artist/activist provided a powerful visual of revolution, while in the U.S., we impose our moral will at the ballot box - in California, voters will soon decide the fate of the death penalty.

Fascinating. Dame Edna and Edvard Munch showed us the business of art done well, while Spirit Airlines showed us the art of business done poorly.

Poignant. A woman suffering from Multiple Sclerosis discovered that a trained monkey could help restore her functionality and her dignity.

Hilarious. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo like Pee Wee - with a big shoe dance.

Pretty much, something for everyone. Live large and thanks for reading.

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