Thursday, March 15, 2012

Westboro Baptist Vying for Limbaugh Ad Space

Young member of Westboro Baptist
Members of the Westboro Baptist Church, creators of God Hates Fags, as well as God Hates Soldiers/Steve Jobs/Sweden, have added "sluts" to the ever-expanding list of things they despise.

According to Steve Drain, spokesman for the church, the folks at Westboro are preparing a series of radio spots they hope to air with advertising time they purchase during Rush Limbaugh's program. Westboro, not surprisingly, has come out in support of Limbaugh's controversial characterization of law student Sandra Fluke. Said spokesman Drain, "She wants to fornicate her brains out, but she doesn’t want a child. Sounds like a slut to me, and God hates sluts.” 

Despite Limbaugh's assertion that he has barely noticed the mass exodus of advertisers from his show, the loss of revenue from more than 100 abandoning sponsors must be cause for alarm within Clear Channel Communications, which owns the company that distributes Limbaugh's program, and the network of radio stations that carry it. 

If Clear Channel, the radio stations in the network, and Limbaugh agree to sell ad space to Westboro Baptist Church, an organization that is universally disrespected by partisans on both the left and right, then I guess we'll know with certainty who the most desperate whore among us really is.

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