Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week In Review - March 24, 2012

No political posts on the blog this week, but for those of you who missed my insightful and articulate commentary on the Republican primary race, I can sum last week up in two words - nothing changed.

The NFL, on the other hand, was jam-packed with excitement. Peyton Manning's move to Denver forced the Broncos to wrestle with an important conundrum - could they un-retire jersey #18 for Peyton? Oh yeah, and there was also that little Tebow issue to resolve. The pious QB ended up with the New York Jets, spawning a flurry of internet controversy, and some damn funny Tweets. Speaking of saints, New Orleans' coach Sean Payton received a well-deserved one-year suspension for his role in the team's deplorable bounty scandal.

In other sports, we looked at the historic clay court dominance of Rafael Nadal, and speculated on the Spaniard's ability to carry out his annual Springtime tennis court tyranny. Hockey gave us something unexpected this week, offering us the NHL's first on-ice lesbian kiss and a truly sweet marriage proposal. 

March brought the usual NCAA madness, and Paul Gagne updated us on the new world of bracketology - in books. Last week we also celebrated the birthday of Chaka Khan, who at 59 years old still "feels for you," and we welcomed Spring with a stunning video of blooming flowers.

As always, thanks for reading!

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