Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring

Google Logo on Spring Equinox
I wanted to call out a couple of cool celebrations of this first day of Spring.

Did you see the Google doodle today? Looks like an Eric Carle kid's book.

And then there's this...

Not sure if this is time lapse video or some other technical trickery. Either way, watching Spring literally unfurl is amazing. Nature's variety is simply stunning.

The Beauty of Flowers (Красота цветов) from VOROBYOFF PRODUCTION on Vimeo.

(Hat Tip to my friend Kyle for sharing this video with me!)


  1. plus, it's currently 81 and sunny in Ann Arbor Michigan. loving spring so far!!!
    I know this weather won't last, but it's just crazy fun to be living in it right now!!

  2. Global warming...making winter tolerable everywhere!