Saturday, February 4, 2012

Week In Review - February 4, 2012

As a self-important blowhard, Newt thinks the 2012 election is the game-changer to end all game-changers. As a bitter know-it-all blogger (and a bad sport), I argue that the 2004 re-election of the great Texas "recession-makerwas the most pivotal presidential contest ever. What does Newt know, he couldn't even convince Donald Trump to support him - and I figured out the real reasons for the billionaire hair piece's reluctance to support Gingrich.

Romney had his own impossible battles to fight this week as that dastardly Obama continued to release good news about the economy. Meanwhile, Rick Santorum made as much sense in this Bad Lip Reading video, as he does when he argues that gay marriage is no different than a man-on-dog love affair. Things are looking good for the President and his gang of Wall Street cronies (yep, I said it).

Away from politics, we paid a musical tribute to Soul Train host/creator Don Cornelius, who took his own life this week at age 75. We might never know the whole truth behind Cornelius' suicide, but we did learn what's really behind the current crop of Academy Award films with these clever movie posters. We also announced details of the first ever Way Things Turn Online Oscar Pickin' ContestBetter start your movie-watching marathon now.

Lastly, we visited 20 of the world's most spectacular bookstores, we witnessed a heavyweight tennis match (with video proof of Novak and Rafa barely standing), and we saw one college kid's fun and entertaining video commitment to doing a backflip a day for a year in some very interesting places.

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