Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh My God! Trampoline! (The Wrath of Bawbag)

Hurricane "Bawbag" comes ashore.
Photo: Graham Stuart/Getty Images
One thing we have learned in the last decade since the rise of Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets is that regular people are incredibly creative and funny.

If you haven't noticed that, or dont' believe  it to be true, I give you - Hurricane Bawbag.

Hurricane Bawbag is the tongue-in-cheek moniker assigned to a major storm that hit Scotland this week with winds of up to 165mph. While the storm was serious news, the treatment of the storm on YouTube and Twitter (where the storm's scrotum-esque nickname was spawned) was fodder for silliness and humor. 

View these videos in the order presented, and for the love of God, don't have any food or drink in your mouth while you watch them.

This video from the storm started it all.

And then came the first spoof.

And then they got better.

And better still.

The storm affectionately known as Bawbag even inspired a parody song. Maybe it's Bob Dylan's melody (Blowin' In the Wind), maybe it's the funny-cuz-they're true lyrics ("It might be windy, and it might be blowin' a gale, but Hurricane Bawbag's t-shirts are on sale."), or maybe it's just my love for Scottish accents - but this is brilliant. Especially the ending.

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