Saturday, May 27, 2017

Digging In To Solid Ground

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A month has passed since the release of my debut novel, Solid Ground. I've had some incredible conversations with friends, both old and new, about the book, the writing process, and my journey to getting published. Some of my thoughts about such things were captured in a series of posts I wrote in the weeks before the book's release.

I've collected and re-published links to those articles below, just in case you missed one, didn't have time to read them, or simply didn't give a shit - but now you do.

Thanks for taking time to dig into Solid Ground. 
(I mean, really, I slaved over the manuscript off and on for over a decade, so clicking a link or two is the least that you can do.)

An Excerpt from Solid Ground
This, as you probably guessed from the title, is an excerpt from the book.

Note: In each of the articles below, there is an "Excerpt" and "Synopsis" section at the start of the post. Feel free to scroll past those sections to get to the juicy stuff.

Author Interview
In this post, I share details about my writing process, the sucky part of naming characters, writers I'd love to interview if I had my own talk show, a sneak peek at my second novel, and more.

Music, Mood, and Words
A short post on how I feel that art begets art, as well as links to some of the music I listened to as I wrote Solid Ground.

Getting Here
Growing up, making a living, chasing a dream - how I became a published writer in just 50 short years!

Write Where You Are
An extrovert's uncomfortable sabbatical.... my month alone and unplugged in a cabin in the redwoods of Northern California.

Harlan: The Character Who Just Showed Up
I'm not someone who believes characters magically appear in an author's imagination, but this one did. Those of you who have already read the book will especially enjoy this post.

Thanks for reading!

Jeff's novel, Solid Ground, can be purchased in print and ebook from Amazon, B&N, Books-A-Million, and other places where fine fiction is sold.

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