Monday, April 17, 2017

Solid Ground - Free Book Giveaway!

UPDATE (April 20): The print book is here! You can now order a paperback copy of Solid Ground from Amazon for $14.99. The print version will also be available for order from B&N and other online retailers tomorrow!

Solid Ground will be officially published on Monday, April 24th and I’m so excited about sharing the book with the world that I’ve decided to give it away. Well, not to everyone, but to three of you. 

Register HERE for a chance to get an electronic copy of the book (free!) a full weekend before anyone else gets theirs.

This Friday, I’ll randomly draw three winners who will each receive a digital Advanced Reading Copy. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up before midnight (Pacific) on Thursday, April 20th.

PS: In case I haven't shilled enough can also pre-order a digital copy of Solid Ground now at Amazon, B&NiBooks, and lots of other places online.  Oh yeah, and here's a reminder of how you can get your copy signed.

Thanks everybody!

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