Friday, August 31, 2012

Chehon's Inspired Solo on SYTYCD

With three weeks left in season nine of So You Think You Can Dance, only six dancers are left in the competition.

The three men and three women who remain on the show are immensely gifted dancers, but none is more talented than 23 year-old Chehon Wespi-Tschopp.

Chehon's story is an interesting one. Born in Chicago, Chehon (pronounced key-on) was adopted in early childhood by Swiss parents, who then moved their family to Australia and later to Switzerland.

With the support of his adopted family, Chehon left home in his early teens to pursue his passion for dance at the Royal Ballet School in London. Since graduating, he has become a professional dancer, performing for two seasons with the Los Angeles Ballet.

While he is low-key and humble and sometimes even awkward in on-camera interviews, Chehon is elegant and intense when he takes the stage to dance. In July, we posted a moving contemporary routine Chehon performed with his dance partner Witney, and since then he has continued to impress.

This week, it was a solo performance from Chehon that blew me away. Though his solo only lasted a minute or two, the young dancer was particularly inspired to pour everything into the performance, as his (adorable) mother Edith had flown in from Switzerland to see him dance.

With the fluidity, grace, and power of his movement, Chehon paints the stage like a canvas.


  1. I felt that whatever wall was holding him back came down when his mother arrived to see him after so long a separation. It was lovely to watch. His paired routine was wonderful, too. I hope he makes the finale. He rightfully belongs there.

  2. Thanks for the comment. I couldn't agree more.