Sunday, May 27, 2012

Week In Review - May 26, 2012

In American politics, everything is for sale – including a vial of blood drawn from former President Ronald Reagan. If the GOP ever chose a king it would have been Reagan, but in America we’ve never supported the idea of monarchy. That’s partly why I argue that the U.S. should adopt term limits for Congressman - to keep the influence of power and money in politics in check.

In Miami, King James and Dwyane Wade are working to establish their dynasty, but like so many monarchs, so far they’ve mostly only managed to piss people off, becoming arguably the least popular franchise in professional sports.

Dharun Ravi was sentenced this week for crimes that contributed to the death of Tyler Clementi. I managed to blog about the details about Ravi’s 30-day jail sentence, but upon a little poetic reflection, I was left with nothing more than the idea that a boy is dead who shouldn’t be.

On a lighter note, the Golden Gate Bridge turns 75 years-old this week, and we enjoyed these stunning photos from the early days of its construction to the fog-banked present day.

Music had a big presence on the blog this week. We laughed at a humorous and clever parody of a cover of the Gotye song that has taken over the world, and we smiled and wept with joy as we witnessed an incredibly kind and beautiful moment between a street musician and an 8 year-old blind boy who suffers from autism.

As always, thanks for reading.

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