Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week In Review - May 19, 2012

Did a soft liberal California Democratic Senator really call directly and explicitly for a killing? Yep, she did. Did former POTUS George W. Bush really offer helpful personal counsel to Vice President Joe Biden? No, but in this hilarious SNL comedy sketch he did. Could the 2012 general election be the most boring of our lifetime? Maybe, and here’s why.

NBC/Sony fired Dan Harmon, creator of the sitcom Community, without even the courtesy of a phone call. Some insiders viewed the move as unfathomably rude, while others saw the incident as an incredible asshole finally getting his comeuppance. Either way, Harmon’s response to the incident was brilliant. Hollywood weirdness also made its way across the Atlantic this week, as actor Will Smith showed up at a professional tennis event in Madrid to promote a movie by presenting the oddest and least useful gift ever to tournament champion Roger Federer.

Glee star Jane Lynch guested on Rachel Maddow’s show this week. The two women chatted thoughtfully about politics and shared their very personal reactions to President Obama’s same-sex marriage support. In Kansas a nine year-old boy inspired us all when he staged a one-man counter-protest against hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church picketers.

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