Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Turn Up the Sound - Manilow Reminisces About American Bandstand Theme Song

Dick Clark, 1929-2012
With the passing of entertainment icon Dick Clark today, there will be televised tributes-a-plenty. I wanted to acknowledge Clark's passing, but I also wanted to offer something you might not see anyplace else. This Barry Manilow "Bandstand Boogie" video should do the trick.

In the clip, Manilow tells the story of how he came to write and record his own memorable version of the American Bandstand theme song. He also shows off incredible energy as he sings, dances, and repeatedly opens his eyes extraordinarily wide (must be a show biz thing).

I hope you enjoy Barry's story, his song, his modified David Cassidy hair, and his impressively high heels. (And, RIP Mr. Dick Clark.)

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