Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The More You Know Newt...

Newt Gingrich, Former Speaker
and would-be election thief
Can a politician have too much name recognition and publicity? Apparently, if the politician is pompous, self-serving, and generally dislikable, yes.

Based on increasingly negative polling trends, the best thing Newt Gingrich can do for his campaign is disappear from it.

As the Republican primary race has dragged on, Newt has had more than ample opportunity to share his vision for America (moon colony, anyone?), but the more he makes his case for the presidency, the further he gets from the Oval Office. Owing perhaps to the increased awareness of his role as spoiler at best, and election thief at worst, Gingrich's un-favorability rating has escalated from 58% in November, to 64% in February, to 71% by the first of April.

Gingrich should go into hiding now so that he might hold on to the embarrassing 21% favorability rating he has, which no doubt reflects the last of the far right-wing diehards who are still living the "Contract With America" dream from 1994.

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