Friday, April 13, 2012

10 Feats Mayor Cory Booker Accomplished That Superman Never Even Tried

You've probably heard that yesterday Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker literally ran into a burning building and rescued a young woman.

It's true - as the mayor told the folks at CBS This Morning, he raced into a neighbor's home that was on fire, ran through flames to a second floor bedroom, threw a young woman over his shoulder, and rushed out of the house to safety.

In light of this act of heroism, Booker is being hailed as a superhero by the media. I did some research into Newark's alleged "man of steel," and learned that the mayor does indeed have many remarkable accomplishments, including some deeds that Superman himself lacked the courage and brains to even attempt.

It's true that Superman has saved plenty of people, hundreds or even thousands maybe, from burning buildings. And yes, I know he flew backwards around the Earth to reverse time and stop some pretty traumatic crap from going down.


Here are 10 True and Impressive Cory Booker Feats that Superman never even tried.
  1. Played varsity football for Stanford University.
  2. Formed a lasting friendship with Rachel Maddow (Booker's Lois Lane?).
  3. Received a Rhodes scholarship and attended Oxford University.
  4. Earned a J.D. degree from Yale Law School.
  5. Elected as Newark mayor; vowed to turnaround America's "worst city." 
  6. Achieved a 40% reduction in both murder and shootings in Newark.
  7. Named sexiest mayor by Women's Wear Daily.
  8. Inspired Facebook CEO Zuckerberg to donate $100 million to schools.
  9. Launched Newark's biggest city parks expansion in 100 years.
  10. Gave welcoming announcement at Whitney Houston's funeral.
As if all this isn't enough reason to love Cory Booker...

The mayor has also taken a strong stance in favor or same-sex marriage (if Superman weighed in on this one, forgive me, I missed that issue).

And as seriously as he takes his work, the mayor doesn't take himself too seriously (Superman could barely keep David Letterman's tired ass in line, while Booker boldly takes on the younger and more villainous Conan O'Brien).

Cory Booker is not only the mayor of Newark, New Jersey...he is also a tireless crusader for justice, a never-ending fount of hope and goodness, and an unbelievable force of nature.

Having recounted so much of what there is to respect and appreciate about the mayor of Newark, and even considering all that he has accomplished thus far, I realize that Cory Booker is not, in fact, a superhero. Because characters like Superman are legends of fiction, the fodder of dreams, while Cory Booker is the very real deal, not a superhero, but truly a super man.

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