Thursday, March 29, 2012

How Books Are Born

This short clip is a very cool look at how a book is physically "born." You know - the old-fashioned way - before they were just sent as PDF files somewhere and then converted to a file your iPad can read.

I really liked seeing a stack of actual hardback book covers on a table, before they get glued around the pages.



  1. wow. like a symphony. i like the part when they're collating by hand. I'm sure all this is very automated in most printing plants but I can see how pages are duplicated or left out altogether! ;)
    When they were pasting on the green covers I wondered for a minute if it was those Loeb Classics. Every Borders had those (way back when) and the damn things never sold!

  2. I bet Loeb Classics were selling for 25 cents near the end.