Sunday, February 19, 2012

Week In Review - February 18, 2012

With the release of more positive economic news this week, Republican presidential candidates seem about as useful as a snow plow in the midst of this balmy completely-not-global-warming-related winter. Romney continues throwing wet noodles at the economy hoping something will stick, while Santorum and company foolishly push for an all-out attack on issues the GOP can't win. Governor Chris Christie is bravely leading the charge (on to the sword) by rejecting a gay marriage bill approved by the NJ legislature. In response, I've compiled my ten favorite Tweets about his veto.

All joking aside, I wonder if Governor Christie would regret his veto decision if he understood the subtle but genuine connection between the second class citizenship he is imposing on the gay community and the current proliferation of gay teen suicides. I'd wager that Dharun Ravi, whose cyber bullying led to the suicide of Tyler Clementi, probably regrets the choices he made, as his legal trial is now underway.

Beyond politics, we featured lots of pop culture on the blog this week. A charming video of Salvador Dali on What's My Line  offered us something old (but classic), while my review of The Artist offered something new (but made to look old). Musical performances like a new track from Bruce Springsteen and a Glen Campbell cover of a Green Day song showed us that some of the best things are neither old or new, but timeless.

We must be willing to change with the times and the technology, or we risk being as irrelevant as bookstores and publishers may be some day soon. On the other hand, who wouldn't still want a beautifully designed private library full of actual printed books? The one thing that never changes is our love of laughter. Hopefully, this clip of "Bein' Quirky With Zooey" (Deschanel) from last week's SNL will get you giggling.

As always, thanks for reading!

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