Monday, December 12, 2011

The Way Things Turn Reaches 10,000 Hits

I published the first blog entry on The Way Things Turn in mid-August, and I'm happy to say that yesterday we reached our 10,000th website view!

I created this site to share opinions and perspectives, and to have a forum to practice writing. I also hoped it would bring an occasional sense of satisfaction to others. That's why I'm here. 

As for you...I'm sure you all have differing reasons for checking out the blog, but whatever your motivations, I'm grateful. We all have busy lives and I truly appreciate you spending a few minutes of your precious time here with me.

Your feedback is always welcome and so is your participation (as much or as little as you choose to make this website into a two-way conversation).
  • Keep the comments coming. I love hearing what you have to say - agree or disagree. If you're feeling inspired or pissed off, comment on Facebook - or better still - make sure everyone feels your wrath, including those who subscribe separately from Facebook, by leaving comments on individual blog posts directly on the site. 
  • Subscribe by email if you like (enter your email address in the box in the left-hand column), and you'll receive each new post via email. 
  • Tell others what you've read that you feel is worthy of sharing by emailing an individual post to them (use the litte "envelope" button beneath the post) or by re-sharing the Facebook status update.
I'll do my part to keep the website interesting and fresh, and to make sure the moments you invest here are worthwhile (although admittedly, one man's hilarious flying trampoline video is another man's waste of 13 seconds). 

And I'll continue working every day to create, find, and share articles, stories, pictures, and videos that might make you think or smile, or shed a tiny tear on occasion, or maybe even throw up in your mouth just a little. Something for everyone, right? 

I really do appreciate your support, and as always, thanks again for reading!

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