Monday, December 5, 2011

Republican Journalist Makes Common Sense Case for Romney or Hunstman

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Conservative journalist David Frum has such a clearheaded view of the Republican field of presidential candidates that I have to keep checking his Wikipedia page to make sure he's not a Democrat. Frum is indeed a Republican, and a Canadian-American as well, a heritage which I credit for the absence of foam at the corners of his mouth when he speaks about politics.

In a recent piece for the National Post, Frum argues that Republicans have only two reasonable choices in their field of primary contenders, if they want to have a realistic possibility at taking down President Obama next November.  According to Frum, "it's Romney, Huntsman, or bust."

Frum's rationale and the criteria he looks for in a candidate are admirable, and his description of the field of the candidates, with the exception of his near-endorsement of Rick Santorum, is totally on point. I'm linking the article which will be interesting to anyone who appreciates politics, but I am especially hopeful that my Republican friends (and family) will take a look.

Republicans - Frum is one of your own and he's spot on with his assessment of the choices you have in 2012. If you really want to take the White House back, and you want to be sure you install a qualified leader who can actually make good decisions and move the country forward, then pay close to attention to David Frum's advice.

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