Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baldwin Apologizes to Travelers but Perturbs Greyhound

It sounds too funny to be true, but within a day of the blowup of Alec Baldwin's American Airlines fiasco, the actor has pissed off the folks at Greyhound Bus.

In a Huffington Post article he wrote to express regret for any inconvenience his tantrum caused fellow travelers (kudos for the apology), Baldwin inadvertently offended the Greyhound bus company by complaining that the air travel environment has deteriorated to the equivalent of a "Greyhound experience."

Greyhound CEO Dave Leach handled the comment perfectly by publishing an open letter inviting Baldwin to take a Greyhound trip with him, and noting that passengers are never asked to turn off their electronic devices during the course of a bus trip.

Baldwin's apology to the everyman travelers who were delayed, and who potentially missed connections because of his tirade, was a decent gesture. At this point, he should let the whole thing drop and hope that Ryan Gosling is caught with a transexual hooker so America can move on to a newer and greater scandal.

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